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2009 September 29

I was going through my tweets this morning and this article ‘How Do Creative People Use Twitter?’ caught my eye. I clicked on the link, read the intro and I was struck by the beautifully-worded first comment.

I find Twitter to be compelling for many reasons. To answer your question about unusual ways to use Twitter…well, everything about Twitter is unusual. It is a new communication channel, that has more potential impact than email. From my tweets, I am picking up people with special interests that I don’t even know. Now that’s amazing…connecting, marketing and influencing a rapidly growing group of people of common interest to ‘me’, that are ‘following’ my assorted rantings, thoughts, promotions, recommendations and useful information.

I am using Twitter to help others get to know the REAL me. It is actually scary to be transparent to everyone that chooses to follow. Ok, so being real to strangers isn’t so bad, even if it is uncomfortable some times to be vulnerable to others. See, look how I’m bearing myself to you. It’s getting easier and people discern ‘real’. Perhaps what Twitter is doing for us is creating personal brand and trust, building corporate brand by building communities of interest.

Ted Treanor (@TedTreanor)

Ted’s words got me thinking about why and how I use Twitter. When I first started using Twitter last February, my main purpose was to promote my Velvet Escape blog articles. As I tweeted every day, I discovered a whole group of like-minded souls who are passionate about writing, travel and communicating. We started to chat, exchanged links, shared interesting resources, commented on and tweeted each other’s articles, and before long, strong bonds were built. We got to know each other better via DMs (private tweets), emails and Skype. I even got to meet some of my new friends in Amsterdam and last month, in Bali.

happybirdAfter several months of tweeting, I realised that promoting my articles wasn’t really my main purpose anymore. I still tweet about my articles on a regular basis. However, forging relationships and building a trusted community that shares, helps and promotes each other has become my main purpose on Twitter. Our daily interactions produce ideas and inspiration for new articles, as well as information about marketing trends and the related platforms. In addition, the willingness to help each other and contribute is inspiring to say the least. 

My new Twitter friends have  contributed to my blog by means of guest posts or simply joining in the discussion; helped to boost readership of my blog via re-tweets; and they have been a source of new business opportunities. In the past three months, I had to reduce the number of blog articles and the amount of time spent online due to family circumstances. My Twitter friends kept traffic to my blog up by writing, tweeting about and recommending Velvet Escape. This to me perfectly illustrates the power of solid communities and how Twitter has helped me to forge these fantastic relationships.

What is your purpose on Twitter?

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  1. September 29, 2009

    Well said, as usual :) I was the same way in the beginning. I signed up to promote my website, but soon it came clear to me how many fellow travelers are out there! It has been a great way of building a travel community and as you said above, sharing and helping each other. I’ve noticed that I really have friends on here. Last week, I only had limited internet connection and I missed Twitter. I wanted to know what was going on, what was being said, how everyone was doing! Thanks for putting this nice post on here. I can completely relate to it!

  2. velvet permalink*
    September 29, 2009

    Thanks for your comment Isabelle. I think most bloggers would’ve experienced the same. The sense of community is pretty incredible.


  3. October 1, 2009

    I know EXACTLY what you mean Isabelle and Keith. I also had a totally different agenda when I first started tweeting. As you both know my family is going through a tough time with my mother in law’s health. I struggled whether or not to tweet a peep about it. Finally I decided I had to follow my best advice to new tweeps, be yourself! I am a very lucky tweep as the friendships I have made are a great source of comfort, support and a welcomed diversion to me when I take a break and want a laugh during good times and the rough times too. I honestly cant imagine starting and ending my day without checking in with my sweet tweeps …. and at least a few times in between too!

  4. velvet permalink*
    October 1, 2009

    And THAT is why so many tweeps love you! Your laughter, cheer and support make it a truly wonderful place!


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