Found you through @MrTweet

2009 October 14
by velvet

Twitter bird singingMr. Tweet is one of the more popular tools to find followers who are relevant to you (i.e. share the same interests), especially when you’re new to Twitter. It’s also a great tool for posting referrals for fellow Tweeps. I can certainly recommend using one of these tools to find people who share the same interests as you.

FounduthruMrTweetI would add one note of caution though. When using Mr. Tweet, a tweet is sent from your Twitter account alerting the person you found that you are now following him/her. No harm there. However, if you’ve been scrolling down the list provided by Mr. Tweet and clicking ‘Follow’ on many people, these “I Found You Through @MrTweet” tweets will crowd your Twitter stream.

I realise that this is only a temporary situation as you start tweeting the really interesting stuff. However, when I receive a tweet alerting me to a new follower, I like to, among others, check their Twitter stream to ascertain if they’re interesting to following back. Some people utilise auto follow-back but I prefer to ‘screen’ my followers before following back. It’s my way of preventing myself from following back spammers or aggressive marketers (uh, spammers). A Twitter stream full of tweets from Mr. Tweet doesn’t provide me with an idea of what this new follower will be tweeting about. As a consequence, I refrain from following back.

My advice to someone new to Twitter who is in the process of building a following: mix things up a bit. Use Mr. Tweet or any other tool but intersperse these with tweets that suit your interests. These will provide potential followers an idea of who you are and what your interests are.

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