Prime Twitter Real Estate

2009 October 19
by velvet

When I first started using Twitter more than six months ago, I chose one of the standard Twitter templates as my background. I soon realised that I had to do a bit more to distinguish myself from the rest so I uploaded a photo as my new background. It looked nice and for a while, it was sufficient.

After two months, I realised that the space around my Twitter feed was prime real estate and I should maximise the use of this space. I guess it was my habit of screening Tweeps who follow me and analysing the impressions the various Twitter profile pages made on me. The ones that made a lasting impression had bright colours and included a logo, a few sentences about the person or business and a photo(s).

VE Twitter bckgrndI realised that a Twitter profile page can play a significant role in helping to build a brand. To develop my Velvet Escape brand, I had to create a Twitter profile page that was eye-catching and pleasing, and provided sufficient information about myself and Velvet Escape.

It was around the same time that I stumbled upon a tool that enabled me to create my very own Twitter background using Powerpoint! I’m a big fan of Powerpoint so it wasn’t long before I had a new background. I chose a photo (taken from a plane) of the blue sky to symbolise a space of endless (travel) possibilities and match my tagline: ‘Go explore. Experience. and be inspired’. I then added two boxes on both ‘wings’: the left box contained my logo and tagline, and pictures of various spots around the world; whilst the right box contained a profile photo and text describing what Velvet Escape is about.

The reactions to my new background were great. Everyone loves the bright blue sky (me too!) and though the ‘look and feel’ of the Velvet Escape Twitter page is very different compared to the Velvet Escape blog, I think it works well as it portrays fundamental elements of Velvet Escape as well as my personality.

I would encourage every Twitter user to create a customised Twitter background, to use the space available to say something more about yourself and/or your business. You can also opt to include additional contact information. Use your creativity and give your page a look that you’re comfortable with: fun, quirky, catchy, or something that reflects your interests, site or company’s ‘look and feel’. By doing so, you will provide your followers with more means to identify themselves with you and/or your brand.

For more information on Twitter backgrounds and resources, please refer to this article by Mashable.

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