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2009 November 17

In the past few months, I’ve noticed a substantial increase in the presence of non-profit organisations on social media platforms like Twitter. A few days ago, a CNN Money article appeared on my Twitter feed which more or less confirmed my observations. According to this article:

The vast majority of nonprofit organizations (88%) are experimenting with social media to engage key audiences, but a significant majority (79%) are uncertain of how to demonstrate social media’s value for their organizations. Only half (51%) report active use of social media (source of the survey: Weber Shandwick’s Social Impact survey conducted with KRC Research)

happybirds4MediumI’ve noticed many non-profits making tentative steps to build a presence on social media platforms. I applaud this as I’m convinced social media is the perfect tool for non-profit organisations to mobilise and build active communities that share an interest in their cause. A case in point of how social media can be utilised to generate interest in a cause and contribute to fund-raising efforts passed by my Twitter stream today: a Tweet-a-Cause campaign organised by the Make-a-Wish Foundation in collaboration with Leap Fish. The concept is brilliant. Every re-tweet of the article would result in a $0.15 donation by Leap Fish to the Make-a-Wish Foundation to help send little Jacob to Disneyland. The chances of something like this going viral is enormous. In addition, I’m sure this campaign will generate an invaluable amount of exposure for both partners, and the cause to send little Jacob to Disneyland. This is but one of many examples of how social media is being utilised by non-profits.

For the non-profits out there who are thinking of entering the social media sphere, I’ve listed a variety of interesting articles below as a guide to inspire and assist you with your efforts.

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