How I Use Apture On My Blog

2010 May 12
by velvet

Those who frequently read my posts on Velvet Escape will have noticed the funky-looking pop-up maps, Twitter profiles or Wikipedia notes. I had been searching for a while for a way to effectively integrate maps, videos and photos into my posts. Then, last November, I discovered Apture. I tested it and within minutes, I was convinced that this was the plugin of the year… for me anyway! Apture has since lifted my blog to a whole different level by facilitating an enhanced reader experience.

How I use Apture on my blog

A pop-up displays the Amazon product

Since using Apture, I’ve been able to do many cool things with amazing ease. Here are 6 ways I use Apture (including examples of posts to illustrate how the plugin is used):

The Apture Search Bar

Apture recently introduced another cool feature: the Search bar. The Search bar only appears when readers scroll down the page. The bar houses a logo of my blog (which links back to my home page), social media icons which allow readers to easily share the post via Twitter, facebook or email, and a search field. Apture neatly organises the search results by source, including a separate header for my blog posts that contain the search term. That way, readers are encouraged to dig deeper into my blog and hence, prolong their stay. Brilliant stuff!

Two more reasons why I love Apture

  1. For such an amazing plugin, it hasn’t noticeably slowed down the load time of my blog.
  2. Apture’s Customer Support is excellent – they’re helpful, personable and prompt!

I have absolutely no qualms recommending Apture to every blogger.

Note: this post was not sponsored by Apture. I just love this plugin!

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  1. May 29, 2010

    Hi Keith,

    I noticed it on your blog about a week or so ago and decided to try it as well but for some reason it never took. I wrote the people at Apture and they wrote back pretty promptly asking for my url but I’m still waiting to hear back. I hope they can give me clue as to why it’s not working because it looks like a great blogging tool! Thanks for the detailed info.

  2. velvet permalink*
    May 29, 2010

    Hi Monica,

    I’ll see what I can do. I have a contact at Apture who might be able to help.


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