Blog trips: how to make them a success for all

2011 February 1
by velvet

F1 Blog Trip Valencia 2010

With the explosion of social media and the growing influence of bloggers in the travel sphere, many tourism boards and travel companies are starting to turn their attention to organising blog trips as a means to connect with travel bloggers and raise the online exposure of their products. For travel bloggers, it’s a great way to gain new content and network with the organisers and fellow bloggers. From my experience with blog trips, I’ve learned that there are certain expectations and responsibilities that need to be addressed by both parties in order for the trip to succeed. Here are some tips which I’ve picked up along the way:

Tips for blog trip organisers

  • Choose bloggers with varying areas of expertise – this ensures different perspectives of the same subject matter. Ask the travel blogger community for blogger recommendations. In addition, check their level of online influence as travel bloggers often wield a high level of influence within their online networks
  • Full or partial compensation for transport costs (flight/train tickets) to the destination should be offered
  • Don’t over-plan. Provide the bloggers sufficient time to explore on their own
  • Ensure that an internet connection is never far away – travel bloggers are able to provide real-time exposure of the trip via their online networks
  • The itinerary will form the basis of the type of content that can be expected. Refrain from exerting further influence
  • The bloggers should not be expected to publish all the content generated from the trip within a short space of time (e.g. a month). A gradual roll-out of the content (over a period of several months) will ensure greater exposure of your product(s).

Travel blogger responsibilities

  • Give your hosts an idea of the story angles you’re considering
  • Depending on the availability of an internet connection, post photos/videos on your blog/facebook and/or Twitter page during the trip. On twitter, use a hashtag
  • State clearly in your posts that it was a sponsored trip
  • Alert your host to your published content
  • Create a trip report for your host (several months after the trip) detailing the published content and traffic stats of each post.

Most importantly, enjoy the trip!

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  1. February 22, 2011

    Hello and thank you for this very interesting article. I have found the content to be very useful in relation to my blog about London. I liked what you said about using a hashtag on twitter as I recently started Geoffrey Chaucer’s pilgrim’s route to Canterbury via Deptford and Greenwich. I spent 2 days exploring the area from whence he left and walked from Southwark to Greenwich, posted tweets and used a hashtag #njg which was a derivative of my twitter handle @notjustagranny.
    However, I will be blogging about the area and posting info on my business profile @3days_in_london
    I also liked what you said about posting the information over a period of time. I thought it should all be done asap! So that will now allow me to relax a bit and spread the blogs out over a period of time.
    Many thanks for a very useful article.
    p.s. loved the stats re facebook vs twitter……most interesting.

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