Keith Jenkins VCI’m Keith Jenkins, a thirty-something travel and social media enthusiast who is based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. I started blogging about my travels in 2008 on the Velvet Escape blog and I have since gained a wealth of experience in blogging, microblogging and interaction via social media. Prior to becoming a full-time blogger, I was a banker for ten years, with functions in relationship management, equity markets analysis and marketing. My experience in banking, especially relationship management and marketing, has helped me tremendously in my new blogging and social media activities.

Via social media platforms such as Twitter and facebook, I have built a valuable network of businesses, organisations, bloggers and social media experts. In addition, I understand the finer aspects of forging close relationships with an audience and/or customers by means of engaging and sharing. I strongly believe that win-win opportunities can be created by building a lively, interactive community through social media.

My aim via Velvet Connect is to offer quality social media consultancy services based on my experience and expertise in blogging, networking and building valuable and sustainable communities, to companies and organisations who are looking to explore and utilise the amazing world of social media.

The Velvet Connect blog will feature tips and advice related to social media by myself as well as guest writers specialised in social media and/or entrepreneurship. I hope you will find these useful. Everyone is more than welcome to join in the discussion by leaving a comment. Should you be interested in my services, please contact me via the contact form.

Best regards,

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