Social networkVelvet Connect advises businesses, organisations and individuals on how to utilise social media effectively and build mutually-beneficial, value-driven relationships.

The following are services provided by Keith Jenkins of Velvet Connect:

  • Social media advisory: I can help businesses or organisations plan and execute their social media strategy. This includes determining the client’s social media objectives, which channels are most suited and provision of practical tips and advice during the execution phase. Please contact me via my contact form to schedule an appointment for an introduction.
  • Social media training and coaching: I can train clients in the effective use of social media to build communities and forge value-driven relationships. Training can be provided on a one-on-one basis or as a seminar. These include problem-solving assistance and advising on effective engagement and relationship-building techniques. I also provide one-on-one mentoring services for bloggers via Skype. These are one-on-one online tutorials to provide bloggers with technical assistance, marketing and/or branding tips. For more information, please contact me via my contact form.
  • Blogging workshops: I run blogging workshops in Amsterdam for Beginner and Intermediate levels. In addition to an Introduction to Blogging (for Beginners), other topics covered include Marketing Your Blog, Personality & Branding and Monetising. For more information, please contact me via my contact form.
  • Marketing: I can assist travel and/or international-oriented businesses and organisations (including non-profits) with their marketing efforts via Twitter by utilising the influential Velvet Escape network.
  • Advertising: The Velvet Connect site is new but growing rapidly. Should you be interested in advertising your product or service on Velvet Connect, a flat monthly rate of EUR 55 for a 300(w)X120(h) banner in the side bar is currently being offered for a minimum duration of three months.

Should you be interested in any of the Velvet Connect services, if you have a business proposal, or if you are interested in advertising possibilities, please get in touch with me via this contact form. Or find out more about my Velvet Escape services.

Thank you!

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